Small businesses now have an easier way of finding the right candidates with new job features LinkedIn

It’s hard to find the right people for owners and managers of small businesses. They do not have dedicated recruiters like big companies. And you constantly juggle dozens of tasks so you do not have time to recruit. But you know that every new attitude is absolutely essential to your long-term success.

To help you find great talent, we’re introducing a new feature called “Featured Coups” and introducing desktop targeting improvements, including new customization features. This is part of our recently expanded LinkedIn workstations.

Now, when you hire a LinkedIn job, these new features will help you provide a pool of relevant candidates you will not find anywhere else. Our goal is to avoid spending time on hundreds of applications – including many job seekers who do not have the skills or experience you’re looking for – and to help you find the right talent faster.

How these functions work:

When you post a job on LinkedIn, the Recommended Matches program searches our network to find the right people for your role.
LinkedIn members share and regularly update their experiences, skills and interests to be prepared to take risks when they occur. And all this information allows the new Match Matches feature to automatically recommend the right candidates for your role.

Once you have posted a job on LinkedIn, Recommended Matches travel our network to find candidates who have the experience and skills you are looking for. And most of these candidates are exclusively on LinkedIn: 57% of our US users have not visited the last three job postings last month. *

We put these potential candidates in front of you and give you access to all their profiles. In one click you can indicate if you are interested in a candidate and start a conversation about the job.

Depending on your assessment of candidates, our algorithm learns your preferences and offers more and more relevant candidates. It works a lot like your Netflix account – if you’ve seen a lot of British detective shows, Netflix will recommend visiting Sherlock or Foyle’s War or Broadchurch. If you’re still interested in candidates who are, for example, accountants with leadership skills or project managers familiar with social media, we’ll send you more.

Customizable business targeting places your job ad on top of the right candidates
In addition to the recommended matches, we have reworked our matching algorithm and added your own targeting to better control who sees your job posting. This means that you spend less time searching for job applicants who are not in your shoes.

They tell us the skills, industry, education, position, location and years of experience you are looking for, and we will promote your position via email and LinkedIn to members who meet these criteria.

Those who answer the job and apply for their job are available in a convenient location on your LinkedIn dashboard. They can quickly examine their skills, interests, experiences, etc., and then decide whether they fit the needs of their role.

If you choose candidates to contact or consider, you can easily move the LinkedIn Jobs interface in your interview pipeline to follow it as needed. And our dashboard allows you to share individual candidate profiles with other team members during the recruitment process. A bar above the dashboard also indicates how many candidates were contacted, audited by phone, interviewed, made an offer and hired.

As the unemployment rate in the United States continues to decline, small businesses need access to skilled workers with opportunities
Job postings can be a hiring approach by scattershot. Given that unemployment has recently hit its lowest level in 18 years, the pool of unemployed and unsatisfied candidates will likely be small. And the job market is particularly difficult for small businesses. Recommended Matches allow you to reach professionals who are not actively looking for a new job but are open to new opportunities.

There are 10 million small businesses owned by LinkedIn, and you told us that you do not have the luxury of doing a bad job. Every person is crucial and every attitude must be fast, profitable and smart.

And while large companies can benefit from our full range of recruitment products, we know that small businesses do not have their own recruiting resources. Therefore, we are happy to take this new step to meet your needs.

Between the new job targeting feature and the Featured Match feature, updated LinkedIn offers can help you find candidates who have the skills and experience your business can benefit from.

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